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LED Street Lighting Creates A Brighter Future For Mississauga
—   LED Street Lighting Creates A Brighter Future For Mississauga   —

How Enersource Power Services helped the City of Mississauga reduce electricity consumption and maintenance costs and decrease its carbon footprint.

the challenge

Every municipality is facing the challenge of escalating energy costs. The City of Mississauga was no exception. Confronted with mounting costs not only in energy consumption but in street lighting maintenance and replacement, the City looked to Enersource Power Services for a turn-key solution to address these issues and generate short and long-term cost savings.

the solution
technology assessment
Enersource Power Services, in conjunction with The City of Mississauga began the project with a thorough assessment of available technologies including light emitting diode (LED), high pressure sodium and induction lighting. Since municipal street lighting is designed to light roads a certain way, any new technology must satisfy the specific requirements of the municipality, as well as overall performance criteria.

Each technology was tested through a computer application before being installed into two test sites. The sites were then monitored for a year to evaluate performance, energy consumption and resident feedback.

LED street lighting technology was recommended because of its proven ability to reduce energy consumption and costs, provide brighter ambient light , and last multiple times longer than conventional street lighting (reducing both maintenance and replacement costs).

Enersource Power Services initiated the largest LED street lighting installation (49,000+ fixtures) in Canada in Mississauga in 2013. The project is scheduled for completion by in 2015, to allow the City to benefit from Ontario Power Authority consumption reduction incentives. The project began with the replacement of residential luminaires, and will conclude with collector and expressway lighting.

The ability to source, skilled people and fleet of vehicles required was a key project success factor. As a licensed Electrical Contractor, Enersource Power Systems draws on the expertise of accredited power linemen and licensed electricians, a robust apprenticeship program, its own dedicated workforce placement source and substantial infrastructure. This enables them to provide the skilled workforce, required technical capability, unrivalled safety standards and efficiency necessary to capably deliver projects of any scale.

added value
Fixture disposal and recycling costs are typically a substantial retrofit project cost. Enersource Power Services created added value for the City through an innovative, eco-friendly approach. Working with a local recycler, metals and other valuable materials were harvested from the decommissioned fixtures and, rather than incurring a disposal fee, recycling has generated revenue to offset costs.

the results

  • 49,000 LED street lights installed in Mississauga; currently the largest LED street lighting installation in Canada
  • 50% projected decrease in energy costs
  • 25% reduction in street lighting maintenance costs so far, 50% projected by project end
  • Reduced light pollution and trespass
  • 5-8-year projected overall project investment payback
about enersource power services
Enersource Power Services designs, constructs, supports and maintains street lighting and electrical systems for municipalities, utilities and private firms. It provides design, engineering and project management expertise as well as labour, equipment, procurement and financing. Enersource Power Systems can also facilitate partnerships with financial organizations to secure financing, Local Distribution Companies to explore possible incentives, LED lighting manufacturers to secure the best warranty solutions and between municipalities and other industry stakeholders. For more information, please contact:

J. Andrew Bloomfield, P.Eng.
Director, Business Development
T 905.283.4058
C 416.347.5871